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Hey Kingdom citizen,

Are you loving your spouse as you love yourself? 

Yes! No! Maybe... 

They want this but you want that. One says left but the other thinks right is the best. 
Most married couples do their best to make it work. 

Communication is essential to any healthy "loving" relationship

Yet, many couples are making these mistakes:

• To avoid the argument, they walk away in order “to keep the peace.”
• A person interrupts, belittles, or ignores the other to save face.
• Use elaborate language to sound smart and win the argument.

Unfortunately, one can win the argument but lose intimacy with their spouse.

It’s okay…you are not alone.

I have been there and done it.  Bae, "We need to talk" often meant an argument was on the horizon! 

We all struggle, at some point, with properly sharing our wants or needs. We sometimes think one thing and say the opposite.

Conflict, hurtful moments, and disappointment are part of the marriage journey. However, marriages can be maintained and conflicts can be managed when people are willing to work to resolve differences.

After 16 years of marriage, my wife helped me design a 3-Pillar Framework which empowers my wife and me to enjoy healthy dialogue around the most sensitive topics in marriage.

Would it help to have a framework to...

• Know how to neutralize the stress that comes from having a challenging conversation?
• Identify your fight or flight response triggers to avoid saying something regrettable?
• Apply techniques to show your spouse you understand and value their perspective?
• Confidently manage emotions during crucial conversations like finances?
• Naturally express opinions without triggering a defensive response?
• Have a way to protect marriage failure?

I have shared this framework with dozens of couples throughout the years and with life-changing results.

In 5 days, I'll teach you the same framework that now allows previous clients a safe space to have challenging conversations. Transforming and building a healthier loving relationship both spouses desire.

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Promoting healthy relationships,

Oscar J. West  

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"Oscar West is one of the most rational, calm men I know. His faith has molded him into a skilled listener, and thus a model problem solver. His approach to calm reasoning will help anyone learn how to control emotions when facing financial, emotional, or physical hardship. His class is a must to learn how to win over emotions and strife. ~Howard Castay, Owner Castay Media

"Mr. West is quite a talented colleague with a personality that readily draws individuals to his inner circle. His keen sense of humor during presentations keeps your attention.
Some of Mr. West’s greatest qualities is his dedication in planning, preparing, and executing exemplary work, along with loyalty and respect for those he meets. He values education and has a deep desire to assist and empower with knowledge." ~Tammy J. Drexler, Elementary Program Manager St. Mary Parish School System

"Mr. West has been a friend, coworker, spiritual mentor. The insight he has given me has allowed me to approach life, work, and people from a new perspective. Also, having the opportunity to watch this father to interact with young people can be only labeled as a gift from God! I am thankful to have him in my circle!, ~Dr. Derrick White, Sr., Director of Secondary Performance and Accountability

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